Elite Auto Shipper has provided a list of frequently asked questions by our customers. This list and its answers will give you a better general understanding to the common questions that you may have about auto shipping. And of course if you have questions that you need answered that is not on this list please call 1-877-290-0930 and speak with our experience route coordinators so that you may get your questions answered.

This is my first time shipping. How does this all work?

Upon completing an order and speaking to our route coordinators, submit the required paperwork to allow Elite Auto Shipper to reserve your driver for you. We DO NOT require an upfront deposit. The transport of your vehicle will be reserved thru our scheduling department. After your driver has been assigned, you will receive either a call or an email from your route coordinator confirming your pickup date and time. The driver will contact you several hours before pickup. When your vehicle is picked up, your driver will do a detailed inspection of your vehicle on the Bill of Lading. You will both sign this document and keep the copies. The same Bill of Lading will be present on delivery where the driver will conduct another inspection. Our driver's will take every precaution possible to deliver your vehicle safely to you; however, if damages do occur, you must report this damage upon delivery on the Bill of Lading. After the post delivery inspection, you will sign the Bill of Lading, pay the driver the balance either in cash or a money order, and your shipping is concluded.

Should I ship open carrier or enclosed carrier ?

Open Carrier is the recommended and normal way to transport the everyday vehicle. Vehicles that are moved via an open carrier are open to weather and road conditions. Enclosed Carrier is recommended for custom, antique/classic, and exotic luxury vehicles. Since these carriers are covered, the vehicles in transit are not exposed to weather or road conditions. This mode of transport is more costly than the open carrier.

How long will it take to pick up and deliver my vehicle?

A coast to coast vehicle transport trip usually takes from 7 to 10 days, including weekends. Shorter auto shipping trips can take from 1 to 5 days, depending on the distance. Traffic, inclement weather, truck breakdowns, seasonal fluctuations and other unforeseen events may delay the auto shipping of your vehicle. Pickup and delivery dates are estimated but are not guaranteed.

How does your Insurance work?

All of our carrier's are fully insured. Elite Auto Shipper requires all our driver's to carry at least $750,000 or liability insurance coverage, with a ZERO deductible to you. Meaning you pay nothing if any damages occur. You do not have to have your own insurance. Our driver's insurance will cover you. Simply document any damages on the Bill of Lading and obtain the driver's signature. The insurance company WILL NOT process any claims if damages are not documented at the time of delivery. The Bill of Lading protects both you and our drivers.

Do I have to be present for picked up and delivered ?

Yes. Elite Auto Shipper requires you must be present at both the pickup and delivery of the vehicle or you may designate a person to act as your agent in your absence to complete the auto transporting process.

Where will your driver delivery my vehicle to ?

Unlike most our competitors, with Elite Auto Shipper Door-to-Door service is standard. Your vehicle will be picked up/delivered as close to your home as possible. Occasionally, the maneuverability of these large transport carrier's or local government regulations will not allow the transporter truck to come directly to your home. In these cases, an alternate site will be selected that contains a large parking lot, such as a shopping mall or an open plaza.

Ok I want to set this up. How does payment work ?

Most of our competitors want to be paid upfront without even a confirmed driver, but for your convenience and peace-of-mind Elite Auto Shipper does not require an up-front deposit. We will require a major credit/debit card on file to reserve the order but will not charge you anything until your driver has been confirmed. The remaining amount will be COD upon delivery of your vehicle. Upon delivery of your vehicle, drivers will only accept cash or certified funds made out to them for all COD's.

NOTE: For your protection, all credit card numbers are secure and safe with Elite Auto Shipper.

Can I put items (anything) in my car ?

Elite Auto Shipper recommends that you do not have any personal belongings in the vehicle. These items are not insured by our carrier's insurance. Therefore, if you choose to put items in your vehicle it is completely at your own risk. You may put up to 100 lbs. of personal items in the trunk of your vehicle. ABSOLUTELY NO firearms, hazardous materials, illegal substances or contraband may be placed in the vehicle.


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